Rub it in your friend's faces

About Us

Our Vision

We dream of connecting people throughout the day with their distant friends using games as a platform to socialize.

Our Platform

Our patent-pending platform allows friends to play games together without ever having to be online at the same time.

Our Technology

Cutting-edge CRM tools, personalization and sophisticated monetization techniques, are all part of the secret sauce.


Poker Friends ®

You might kickass against strangers, but how will you stack up against your mom? How about your best friend, high-school buddies or boss?

Poker Friends puts that question to the test, allowing you to start private tables and play against anyone, anywhere, at your own pace and with your own preferences.

Each player in the table gets a notification when it's his turn, and a night mode (10-hour time limit at night) assures players won't lose sleep over losing their turn).

So grab a seat and play poker with your friends anytime, anywhere, because you know what they say - "There's winning a big poker hand, and there's winning a big poker hand and getting to rub it in your best friends' faces!"

WC Poker

Everybody plays games in the bathroom. Whether your name is Cindy, Tom or Rahim – Chances are, you like playing in the John.

That's why we created WC Poker – a poker app designed to fill those 7-18 minutes, 1-3 times a day (Yeah, some people do three) with loads of fun, adrenaline and the occasional fart joke.

Special features include:

- A big button in the middle that says "Play". When you're in the bathroom, that's all you need.

So get in a stall, get in a table and start getting that paper. And don't push too hard, it'll come out when it's ready.


Gilad Almog


Noam Shachar

Art Director

David Lerner


Tal Sommer

Scrum Master

Neev Stuhl


Yaron Yudovitch

Client Lead

Itai Navot

Client Lead

Yonti Makmel

Client Lead

Tomer Lutzky

Server Developer


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